Open Access Statement

**Open Access Policy**

1. Objective
The objective of implementing an Open Access (OA) policy is to promote the dissemination of scholarly research and increase the accessibility of knowledge to researchers, academics, students, and the general public worldwide. It aims to remove barriers to accessing research articles and facilitate the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation.

2. Scope
This policy applies to all articles published in MJII.

3. Types of Open Access
MJII supports Gold Open Access: All articles published in MJII will be freely available to readers immediately upon publication. Authors will retain the copyright of their articles, and they will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

4. Author Rights and Responsibilities
a. Authors retain the copyright of their articles and grant MJII a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to publish and distribute their work.
b. Authors are responsible for ensuring that the content of their articles complies with ethical standards, including originality and proper citation of sources.
c. Authors are encouraged to deposit their accepted manuscripts or final published versions in appropriate repositories to enhance the visibility and impact of their research.

5. Publication Fees
a. For Gold Open Access, MJII charges a standard Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of publication, peer review, editing, and hosting. Fee waivers or discounts may be available based on financial need or other criteria.

6. Editorial Process and Peer Review
a. The editorial process for articles submitted to MJII remains unchanged, ensuring rigorous peer review and quality control.
b. The decision to accept or reject an article will be solely based on its scientific merit and relevance to the scope of the journal, regardless of the author's ability to pay publication fees.

7. Promotion and Dissemination
a. MJII will actively promote the Open Access articles published in the journal through various channels, including the journal website, social media, and academic platforms, to ensure maximum visibility and discoverability.
b. Authors are encouraged to share their published articles on their personal websites, social media, and professional networks to further enhance the reach and impact of their research.

8. Archiving and Preservation
MJII is committed to preserving the scholarly articles published in the journal for the long term. The journal will ensure that digital preservation strategies and practices are in place to maintain the accessibility and integrity of the articles.

9. Review and Revision
This Open Access Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as required to align with the evolving needs and best practices of Open Access publishing.

By implementing this Open Access Policy, MJII aims to contribute to the global dissemination of scientific research, foster collaboration, and accelerate the advancement of knowledge by breaking down barriers to accessing scholarly literature.

MJII acknowledges that achieving full Open Access may require ongoing efforts and support from the academic community, funding agencies, and other stakeholders, and it is committed to actively engaging in discussions and initiatives that promote Open Access and open science.

13 June 2022

Malaysia Journal of Invention and Innovation
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